How to Enjoy Your Easter Chocolate and be Cavity-Free Too

With Easter just around the corner, chocolate treats are everywhere. While most people know that eating too much chocolate will ruin their diet, it’s easy to forget the potential effect on teeth. Whenever you eat foods that are sweet or starchy, your mouth bacteria use the excess sugars to create energy, producing a weak acid that erodes tooth enamel. Repeated exposure to these acids eventually causes cavities. However, by protecting your teeth against excessive exposure to these acids, you can reduce your risk of tooth decay, and the really good news is that you can still enjoy a few Easter goodies.

Chocolate Is Better for Your Teeth

Because it melts so easily, chocolate leaves less residue over your teeth and is far better than choosing sticky toffee or caramel. Also, avoid sweets that are very acidic or sour.

Don’t Graze on Sweet Treats

It may be fun to snack on sweet treats, but it’s terrible for your teeth because they are continually exposed to acid produced by your mouth bacteria. It’s far better to indulge as a part of a main meal and afterwards, eat something like a crunchy apple or carrot because the high fibre content has a slight scouring action on your teeth.  Finish your meal by rinsing your mouth with water and wait at least half an hour before brushing because initially your tooth enamel is softer due to exposure to acids and it will gradually re-harden as pH levels begin to normalise.

Get Crafty This Easter with Projects Your Kids Will Love

This Easter, why not spend some time crafting with your kids? It’s a great way to spark their imagination and creativity.

Easter Flowers

Make pretty Easter flowers with cupcake liners that are folded in half and cut into petal shapes. Use several different size liners to make a multi-petalled flower, holding it together with floral wire poke through the middle and covered with paper or floral tape.

Peeps Mason Jars

Peeps mason jars are easily made using empty mason jars decorated with bright paint colours. The jars can be filled with Easter goodies and make lovely presents.

Easter Chick Family from Empty Egg Cartons

Each segment of an empty egg carton is a perfect size for an Easter chick. Kids can decorate these to create entire families.

Bunny Party Hats

Make bunny party hats from head-sized paper cones and which are decorated with cut-out bunny ears and noses, using straws for whiskers.

What to Do with the Kids This Easter Holiday

If you are busy planning your Easter activities, be sure to look into Party in the Park in Frankston. There are lots of activities for the entire family.

Active kids will love the range of children’s sports available which includes Cricket Victoria, Auskick, and Frankston Netball Association is there too. There’s also bowling and obstacle courses, and if you have a little one that’s a bit unsteady on their bicycle, there are cycling lessons. The Hip Cat Circus will be there, and no party is complete without free face painting!

Other features include The Kazoos and Friends, Bam Allstars, and Windmill Theatre Company is putting on Beauty and the Best. The People’s Playhouse is doing a performance of The Tree of Life, and Hey Dee Ho is doing a production of In the Jungle.

Bring your own picnic or support one of the community group barbecues.