Focusing on Family Dental Care This August

Dental Health Week is in August every year, and it is a great opportunity to pause for a moment and to think about your family’s oral health. Our regular patients will know we are truly a family-oriented dental practice and specialise in taking care of kids’ dental health.

Our children’s dental services are aimed at preventing problems before they occur, and when combined with dental education will help your child grow up with a healthy smile. We always encourage parents to bring their little ones to checkups so they can become familiar with a new environment and will feel more relaxed when it is their turn to take a ride in the dental chair. Our entire team always love seeing younger patients, and especially when we can educate them and get them excited about dentistry. Let us show your child how to brush and floss properly, and we can explain to them why good oral care is so important.

Casey Dental offers a comprehensive range of services for children and adults, and we frequently promote affordable orthodontic treatment for the family. When teeth are straighter, they are easier to keep clean and free from disease. Orthodontic treatment can cost as little as $59 per week, and our options include clear braces like Invisalign and conventional fixed braces.

Meet your dental Therapist

Hi, my name is Joseph Hanna and I am the first ever Oral Health Therapist at Casey Dental Group. I have a passion not only for quality dentistry, but also for paediatric care.

After completing a Bachelor of Oral Health Sciences at La Trobe University, I have since had extensive experience with children, ranging from a dental truck to private practice. My strengths include being able to explain procedures in a manner relatable to children, as well as ensuring their experience is as fun as possible. I am well experienced in dealing with children with intellectual disabilities including Autism and Down syndrome, and pride myself on being able to manage and comfort even the most dentally anxious patients – adopting techniques of dental desensitisation.

My passion extends from my own past experiences as a child at the dental chair, when my dentist made it a fun experience. This, in turn, kindled the joys of going above and beyond to ensure children enjoy their dental experience, employing tools and ways aiming to make children laugh and relax. A fun dental experience doesn’t come at sacrifice to quality, and that is my philosophy. I wish to make your child’s dental visit fun, exciting and memorable, rather than full of tears and fears.

Parents, feel free to book yourself in with myself also, I am happy to see the whole family :)

Colour Me Bright Colouring Competition: Has Your Child Entered Yet?

Right now, we are holding a colouring competition for our younger patients and have already received some beautiful entries. If your child hasn’t entered yet, ask us for an entry form during your next visit or pop into our dental practice any time. We will be announcing the lucky prize winner in a later edition of our eNewsletter.

Colouring competitions are just one way our dental practice engages with our younger patients, and we work hard ensuring each dental visit is fun and entertaining for little ones. We firmly believe dental visits should be as much fun for children as possible, and that dental treatment certainly shouldn’t be scary!

We love seeing young children and especially teaching them how to care for their mouth. Our experienced dental team can show your child how to brush and floss properly, so they grow up knowing the correct techniques right from the start. Equally importantly, we can explain why good dental care is crucial for a healthy mouth, using terminology that is easy for a young child to understand. When children have a positive experience in the dental chair, they are more likely to grow up with healthy, strong teeth and without any fears or phobias. Receiving the right dental care now can make all the difference to your child enjoying a lifetime of good dental health.