Simple Tips for a Healthier Halloween

If your little ghouls and goblins are relishing the thought of trick or treating, follow these easy tips to protect their fangs.

Feed Them Before Trick or Treating

Give them a proper meal before trick or treating, and you could even try some spookily themed recipes that will help to fill them up. Hopefully, they won’t have such an appetite for treats later!

Look for Non-Food Goodies

Instead of sugary treats, get together with other parents and neighbours and offer non-food themed goodies such as little glow sticks, notepads, erasers and stickers.

Plan Halloween Parties That Are Focused on Fun Not Food

A Halloween party can focus on activities such as dunking for apples, a pumpkin hunt and creepy costume contests, and you can get creative with other things such as pinning the heart on the scarecrow. Face painting is perennially popular!

Make Healthy Halloween Treats Together

Halloween treats don’t need to be sugary as there are plenty of recipes that are healthy and tasty, and you can get creative with decorating the food.

Lastly, allow kids to have some treats and to select their favourites before putting their haul in the pantry. With any luck, they will forget about it in a few days, but otherwise, dole out one or two treats with a meal.

Don’t Miss the Halloween Spooky Flick at Bunjil Place

What could be better than watching a spooky flick on Halloween? This year, Bunjil Place is screening Hotel Translyvania.

Of course, Hotel Transylvania is THE destination of choice for all monsters and magical creatures. You need to watch the film to see what happens when a human unwittingly crashes the party and falls in love with Dracula’s daughter.

The fun begins at 5 PM on Thursday, October 31 and continues until 8 PM. Pack your picnic rugs and grab your free movie snacks for a fun Halloween night under the stars. There are all sorts of other Halloween festivities that include free craft events, and a photo booth so you can capture your memorable moments and fabulous costumes. There’s also plenty of Halloween themed treats to enjoy during the movie. The film screening begins at 6 PM, and the event is free to attend, but there is limited seating. Best get there early to enjoy this spooky night for the whole family.

Yes! We Are Telling You to Eat More Chocolate

Chocolate is a well-known cure for broken hearts and boredom or is essential for many celebrations. It is guaranteed to put a smile on anybody’s face, and now it has been proven that eating dark chocolate can reduce the risk of depression.

Yes, you read correctly as eating chocolate is healthy within reason, but the darker chocolate, the better. A Canadian study discovered that just 1.5% of chocolate eaters had depressive symptoms compared with 7.6% of people who didn’t eat chocolate. Additionally, further research has discovered that eating chocolate is good for the brain, and the heart and circulation. It’s been suggested that chocolate could be beneficial for major health issues. However, you do need to choose your chocolate carefully. A square or two of high-quality dark chocolate could lift your mood and has other possible medicinal benefits.

Dark chocolate is full of minerals that include selenium, zinc and potassium, and 100 g bar of 70% or higher dark chocolate provides 67% of your recommended daily iron. Eating cocoa has been shown to reduce levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and increase levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

Perhaps surprisingly, chocolate can help you lose weight, as a small square of good quality dark chocolate melted on the tongue twenty minutes before eating triggers hormones that tell you when you’re full, helping you to reduce the amount of food you eat more easily. Dark chocolate could help to prevent diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.

Go ahead and indulge, but please brush your teeth afterwards as even dark chocolate still contains sugar.