The Holidays Are a Great Time for a Mouth Manicure

Most people like to keep their nails neat and tidy and well-manicured, and it’s a great idea to do the same for your mouth. A mouth manicure ensures it always looks its best. This year, why not use the holidays to overhaul your oral hygiene routine with these three easy tips.

Take Better Care of Your Tongue

Your tongue harbours large amounts of bacteria, contributing to bad breath. Yet, when most people clean their teeth, they neglect to clean their tongue. Some toothbrushes have a built-in tongue scraper, or you can buy a special tongue scraper very inexpensively.

Choose Good Quality Toothpaste

We know there are a plethora of toothpaste brands available, many of which rely on cool branding and packaging. However, all you need is good quality fluoride toothpaste, as fluoride helps to protect your teeth against plaque and tooth decay.

Keep on Flossing

Toothbrushing is great, but it cannot clean between your teeth, and for this, you need dental floss. Daily flossing is the most effective way to clean between your teeth and around the gum line where plaque builds up. Not sure how to floss? Ask us for help and advice next time you have your checkup here at Casey Dental.

How to Protect Your Smile This Christmas

Christmas is such a fantastic time of year but increased alcohol consumption combined with sugary treats can make it a tricky time for teeth. Follow our simple strategies for better oral health, reducing the risk of needing emergency dental care.

  1. Eat less sugar as this feeds plaque bacteria in your mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Also, sugar is often hidden in foods like dried fruits and fruit juices. When you do have a sweet treat, make sure it’s something you love rather than eating something to be polite!
  2. Drink more water and less alcohol, as alcohol dries out the mouth and too much increases the risk of tripping or falling, potentially knocking out or chipping your teeth. When you do drink alcohol, reduce its impact by drinking plenty of water at the same time.
  3. Christmas is a time for wrapping and unwrapping presents and packages but make sure you use the proper tools instead of your teeth. The same goes for opening bottles or cracking nuts as these activities can easily damage your pearly whites.
  4. If you are keen on sports, ask us about a custom-made mouthguard. A custom mouthguard can reduce the severity of any sporting injuries and may prevent teeth from becoming chipped or broken, or worse, knocked out.

Have You Been Naughty or Nice to Your Teeth? How to Protect Your Dental Health This Silly Season

If you’re like us, you’re probably excited about the upcoming festivities, but spare a thought for your teeth as they often have to work overtime during the holidays. This year, why not think creatively about healthy advent calendars or how you can pay better attention to your mouth.

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars don’t need to be filled with sweets and chocolate. Instead, why not replace sweets with small trinkets from the dollar store, or make a list of fun activities for the whole family. Write each activity on a separate slip so they can be tucked into the advent calendar, ready for a child to find. Nothing beats a good Christmas story, so purchase and wrap up a few bedtime books for your child to open. You can read the book together at bedtime.

Tips for Adult Teeth

Alcohol consumption generally rises during Christmas, but it can increase the risk of dry mouth, meaning bacteria aren’t washed away so effectively. When enjoying a drink, make sure you swish your mouth regularly with water and keep well hydrated. Although the holidays are a time for indulgence, it’s also good to practice moderation and especially if you are trying to set a good example for kids. When loading your plate with Christmas goodies, be sure to include foods that are nutritious before moving onto the treats.