What Your Mouth Can Reveal About Your Health

Did you realise that every time you visit our dentist, your mouth can provide valuable clues about your general health? Regular dental check-ups do a great deal more than just protect your smile! In fact, your oral health and general health are intimately connected.

  1. When we take routine dental x-rays, our dentist can assess the density of the bone around your teeth. Signs of any bone loss or deterioration could indicate the first signs of osteoporosis.
  2. Gum disease which is a bacterial infection, is frequently more common in people who have diabetes. People with diabetes also have more difficulty controlling blood sugar levels, increasing the levels of glucose in saliva, which in turn allows infection-causing bacteria in the mouth to thrive.
  3. When you have higher levels of bacteria in your mouth, it can impact your vascular system and may be a precursor to cardiovascular disease.
  4. Mouth ulcers can indicate a nutritional deficiency or may be a sign of stress or hormonal imbalances.
  5. Intestinal disease such as acid reflux can cause white, yellow or brown pits on your tooth surfaces, where enamel exposed to strong stomach acids has become eroded.

How to Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to connect safely with family and friends or for children to stay in touch with their friends. It is also an excellent team-building activity and can be a fun way to begin or end an online meeting.

Send Out Invites

Send out your invitations with the time and program for everyone to connect. Include a link to the software in case anyone needs to install it ahead of time. Everyone should have a sheet of paper marked with an “X”.

Nominate a Moderator

Your moderator cannot share their screen with others and must print out the list of scavenger items. Make sure the list has items you will commonly find at home.

Start the Hunt

Before you begin the hunt, make sure everyone can hear and see everyone else. The moderator says the item to find and everyone has one minute to fetch it. Players cannot look up items on their device, or use the same item twice. If someone knows they don’t have that item, they display the paper with the “X” on the screen. The adult or child who gathers the most items wins.

Virtual Prizes

It is fun to include a virtual prize such as an eGift card or another treat with home delivery.

The Not So Sweet Side of Halloween and Braces

Halloween is one celebration that you won’t want to miss, and we certainly don’t want to stop you from enjoying this spooky night of fun. However, it is sensible to take some precautions and to make the right choices to protect your smile, and especially if you wear braces. We’ve listed a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Halloween, and which treats are best with braces.

Tricks to Avoid

One of the biggest concerns on Halloween is which sweets are best avoided. Children (and adults!) with braces are a better avoiding very hard and crunchy sweets. Some people think they are okay because they can let them dissolve slowly, but this gives corrosive sugars and acid more time to damage your teeth and to stick to your braces. The same goes for very sticky or chewy sweets and which are easily caught in between braces and brackets and can be a Halloween nightmare to remove thoroughly. One less obvious food to avoid is popcorn as while it may seem soft and easily chewed, popcorn kernels can be extremely hard and can easily damage brackets or become painfully lodged between teeth.

Treats to Indulge In

Chocolate is usually soft enough to chew or easily melts in the mouth. Just avoid chocolate with nuts or caramel. If you aren’t keen on chocolate, look for other sweets that have deliciously soft pillowy centres such as marshmallow fluff or nut butter. It’s even better if you choose dark chocolate as it is lower in sugar and has more antioxidants.

Plan Halloween Activities Other Than Trick or Treating

Halloween needn’t be just about the sweet stuff, as there are plenty of other things you can do such as host a pumpkin carving party, enter a costume contest or find out if there is a haunted house attraction locally or other interesting events.

No matter how you choose to spend Halloween, please make sure you brush your teeth afterwards and floss thoroughly. If you are handing out treats, consider including some that are brace friendly.

Halloween Monster Burgers

These Halloween themed monster burgers are scary delicious and packed with flavour and are incredibly easy to make. They are a tasty addition to any Halloween party.


4 beef burgers

4 slices cheddar cheese

4 brioche burger buns, halved and toasted

1tbsp olive oil

4 iceberg lettuce leaves

1 thinly sliced tomato

4 halved cherry tomatoes

8 black olives

Tomato sauce and shoestring fries for serving


  1. Taking a sharp knife, place the cheese slices on a clean chopping board and cut triangles from one edge of each slice, forming fangs.
  2. Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat and cook burgers for three minutes until brown underneath, then turn and cook for another three minutes until the burgers are cooked through. Top with cheese slices.
  3. Take four serving plates and place a bun base on each. Top with lettuce, the burger and sliced tomato, and a drizzle of tomato sauce. Put the bun tops on the burgers and place cherry tomato halves on each to make eyes. Slice the olives and place on cherry tomato halves, so they form pupils. Serve with fries.

Serves 4