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Conventional Braces

Conventional braces can frequently provide the very best treatment outcome which is why we will often recommend our patients choose this option.

What Are Conventional Braces?
These braces are also called traditional braces and are fixed onto teeth. They consist of small metal brackets that are bonded onto the teeth and which are connected to wires known as arch wires. These wires are held in position with elastic bands and apply gentle pressure on teeth, gradually moving the teeth into the desired positions.


Why are Conventional Braces Sometimes the Best Treatment Option?
Conventional fixed braces are renowned for producing reliable and excellent results. They can be especially good for providing extremely accurate tooth movements and our dentist will ensure the brackets and wires are precisely located to realign teeth. Fixed braces are also extremely good for correcting more complex orthodontic problems that are less suitable for removable braces. Another advantage of choosing conventional braces is that they are continuously working to straighten teeth.


Is It Difficult to Care for Conventional Braces?
Fixed braces do require a little extra care and it is necessary to spend extra time thoroughly cleaning around and in between all the brackets and wires. There are lots of different tools that can help you clean around your brace more easily and our dentist will show you exactly how to look after your brace to maintain good oral hygiene right throughout treatment.


Will I Need to Avoid Certain Foods?

You should be able to enjoy most foods but it’s best to avoid particularly hard or crunchy foods that could damage or break the brackets or wires. If you do want to eat something that is a bit harder or crunchier, it is better to cut it up into small pieces to make it easier to chew, and so you don’t have to bite into the food. It is also better to avoid very sticky foods that may get stuck around your brace.


Are There Any Options for Making Conventional Braces Less Visible?

Conventional braces are made from metal, but these days it is possible to have brackets made from clear plastic and which are less visible, but these may cost a little more. We find some of our patients enjoy making a statement with their braces and will use colourful elastics to customise them.


How Will My Braces Feel?
Initially, just like any new appliance, your new brace may feel a little strange. This is perfectly normal, and it should only take a short while to become accustomed to your brace. It’s also perfectly normal to experience a little initial discomfort as your teeth begin to move positions. However, if this continues then please let us know because we can normally adjust your brace to help it feel more comfortable.


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