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Dr Robert Otken



Dr Robert Otken graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Dentistry in 2005 in Amsterdam. Since then, Robert has worked in several Dutch locations, in a rural private clinic, a prison, and a drug rehab dental clinic. This has given him a wide range of experience – No amount of missing or broken teeth will surprise him. Robert passed the ADC clinical exams in 2010 and thereby fulfilled his dream of working Down Under and being together with his one true love.

The dream came to fruition when he started working at Casey Dental Group in 2011. He started doing only general dentistry, including removable prosthodontics. But in 2016, he became a fellow in the ICCDE in the field of orthodontics. He currently sees patients of all ages for general dentistry and orthodontic treatment.

Robert’s strengths lie in proper planning and good time management, fuelled by coffee, crosswords, and a good chat making it a swift and comfortable visit for the whole family. His dentistry is primarily focused on rebuilding patients’ self-esteem and self-confidence by improving their smiles. That can be done via orthodontics, improving teeth alignment, or providing replacement options for broken or missing teeth. Robert believes it is not about the one tooth, but about the full picture, the person behind the mouth, and improving their quality of life. Next to orthodontics and removable prosthodontics, he enjoys doing root canal treatment.

Robert believes there is more to life than just teeth. In his spare time, he enjoys going for a run to keep fit and healthy and spending time outside in the beautiful surroundings of Melbourne. Travelling around our great country and abroad is also a big passion of his. Robert truly enjoys his life in Australia, but it would be even better if my Demons finally started to play properly and win games. But he will not hold his breath!

Robert is available during the week and on many Saturdays, giving his patients ample opportunities to find a time to make an appointment. It is never too late to start looking after your oral health.