Everything You Need to Know about Bad Breath

Everything You Need to Know about Bad Breath

Around a quarter of the population suffer from bad breath, and there are various causes. While it can be due to the foods you eat, it’s more often because of a lack of oral hygiene. The proper name for bad breath is halitosis, and it can be embarrassing and cause anxiety. The good news is that often it is easy to treat bad breath.

Book a Dental Checkup

If you are concerned you have halitosis, book a dental checkup so we can assess your oral health to check for any dental problems that may be causing halitosis. Untreated tooth decay and gum disease can cause bad breath. Xerostomia or dry mouth where you cannot produce enough saliva is another common problem. Without saliva, bacteria can more easily build up, and your risk of dental disease increases.

During your checkup, we can also assess your dental hygiene. Often, people will miss areas when they brush and floss or do not floss frequently enough. We can review your oral care routine with you and offer useful advice on how to improve it.

Sometimes undiagnosed medical problems can cause halitosis, such as metabolic diseases and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease or GERD. If we cannot find the reason for bad breath, we may suggest you see your GP.