Have You Noticed There are More Women Dentists?

Have You Noticed There are More Women Dentists?

Not so long-ago dentistry was a male-oriented profession, but nowadays, you are just as likely to have a woman dentist. Because International Women’s Day is celebrated this month, we thought we’d look at how dentistry is changing and why more women realise it can be a fabulous career.

A Caring Profession

Dentistry is a profession where women can make a real difference to the lives of their patients. It can be more comfortable for people who are nervous or anxious about seeing a dentist to open up to a female dentist and to discuss these fears and how best to overcome them. It’s enormously rewarding too, and especially seeing someone who may have avoided the dentist for years and who now has a beautiful, healthy smile.

A Challenging Career

This is a challenging yet rewarding career because dentists will frequently push themselves to do the best for their patients. It might seem as if it would be tricky to maintain a good work life balance in such a role, but this isn’t the case. Lots of female dentists are successfully combining their career with a satisfying family life.

Did you realise newly qualified dentists are equally as likely to be female these days? In many parts of the world, more than half of clinicians aged under 35 are women.