Learn How Drinking with a Straw Can Benefit Your Smile

Learn How Drinking with a Straw Can Benefit Your Smile

Using a drinking straw is a habit we tend to grow out of after childhood, but did you realise it can benefit your smile? We’ve listed three ways it can help take care of your teeth. Just choose biodegradable paper or some of the beautifully designed reusable straws to protect our beautiful environment.

Increasing Your Water Consumption

If you struggle to drink enough water, using a straw can help. Drinking water is great for oral health, washing away food particles and acids, and ensuring you can produce plenty of saliva which is a crucial part of your mouth’s natural defence system.

Reducing Staining

Highly coloured drinks like tea, coffee or soda can stain your pearly whites. Drinking through a straw minimises contact with your teeth, resulting in less staining.

Reducing Cavities

Consuming sugary or acidic drinks is bad for your teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. These sugars and acids can attack and weaken your tooth enamel, causing erosion and eventually cavities. When you drink through a straw, contact with your teeth is limited, so you can still enjoy these drinks without risking your smile.