An Optimistic Outlook Could Improve Your Health

An Optimistic Outlook Could Improve Your Health

While the power of positive thinking cannot replace medical treatment and advice, it can help seriously ill people recover more efficiently and may even help disaster victims cope with psychological trauma more effectively. Researchers have shown that people with a more optimistic outlook can recover more quickly and positivity has other effects too. These include a greater willingness to complete physical therapy, better physical endurance and more energy.

How This Could Help You

The more clearly you can envision a healthy future, including what needs to be done to improve your health, the more optimistic you’re likely to feel about your future. Another important side effect is that feeling more optimistic can motivate you to make healthier choices. Just think about how good you feel after eating a tasty salad, doing yoga or other exercises.

Why is it Effective?

Although most people want to make healthy choices, framing these choices a favourable light and continuously reaffirming them makes it easier to repeat them. If you’d like to practice feeling more optimistic, then try keeping a journal where you regularly write down one positive thing you want to do in the future. Keep yourself accountable and if needed, break down your goals into small, manageable steps. Building good social relationships has continually proved useful in improving health and happiness.