Tooth Sensitivity and How to Treat It

Tooth Sensitivity and How to Treat It

Is eating an ice-cream a trial instead of a pleasure? Does a sip of hot coffee leave you wincing in pain? You may have sensitive teeth.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by enamel erosion, where your tooth enamel has become thinner, exposing the more sensitive inner portion of the tooth. Any small cracks or chips in a tooth will also expose the inner part of the tooth, as will gum recession. When food or drink touches the inside portion of the tooth, it can be quite painful.

How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

Firstly, come and see us here at Casey Dental so we can diagnose the cause of your tooth sensitivity. It could be that you are brushing your teeth too hard, and we can help you change your brushing techniques, or you may have one or two teeth that require mending with tooth

coloured composite resin. Professional fluoride applications could help to harden your tooth enamel. It could be useful to avoid highly acidic foods that could be damaging your tooth enamel, and we might suggest changing your brand of toothpaste. Toothpaste manufactured for tooth sensitivity can be very effective but must be used for several weeks as the effects are cumulative. The toothpaste works by gradually building up in areas where the enamel is thinner, helping to prevent tooth sensitivity.